This is our 54th year of serving the community and we continue to make changes and improvements to our service.  We could never have made these changes without the support of both the City and you the citizens of our community.  Our goal is to serve and protect the life and property of the citizens and visitors to the Combine Community.  Through volunteers, the Combine Fire Department provides 911 emergency response to our residents for fire and medical needs on a 24-hour basis.

On November 10, 2022, along with the City's dedication of the new Municipal Building and Veterans Memorial, we dedicated the helipad in honor of Stan Hopkins, Founder and CEO of the Department.  With the tremendous support of his wife Wanda, his service to our community has truly been one of unselfish generosity.  We are humbled and thankful for their example and service to our community.

Stay Safe,
Chief Larry Settles


Stan Hopkins (former Chief and currently serving as CEO), Johnny Matlock, Delta Mathis, and Bob Parsons worked in Stan Hopkins' barn to establish the Combine Volunteer Fire Department.  The first truck was bought from Texas Power & Light (now TXU).  The water tank was shipped from Houston by Ken Jenkins.  The truck was parked at the "old Combine Store" so that everyone could see it and participate in the excitement and donate money.  Enough donations were received to pay for the truck and purchase materials to build a Fire Station.  The original building (the small wooden building next to the current station) was built by volunteers.  It housed the fire truck, Police Department, Court, and City Hall.  Johnny Matlock organized the construction and it was "pretty much build in one day".  Gilford Hill donated the concrete and Delta Mathis finished out the building.  

Chief Hopkins was the first City Marshall and Bob Parsons the second.  This was before the 911 system and all fire calls went to Chief Hopkins' house.  Then, Wanda would call each volunteer individually to help.

The truck was originally housed in Chief Hopkins' barn until the station was finished.  Later they "swapped around" and got other trucks.  At one point, Chief Hopkins took out a personal loan from Seagoville Bank to purchase the land and to build the current Fire Station.  He eventually sold the building to the City for $1.

After nearly a quarter of a century, Chief Hopkins retired and became the CEO.  After his leadership, John Bearden became chief, followed by Rick Nessner, and currently, Larry Settles. 

To honor these pioneers and the those that have followed, please consider supporting the Department with a financial donation or your time.  There is a role for everyone!