We are as tired of hearing this phrase as you are but "due to the COVID-19 pandemic", the Combine Fire Rescue Department was unable to hold its annual fund-raising event.  We look forward to October 2021 when the Firefighters will smoke 25 beef briskets, 70 pounds of sausage, and prepare all of the fixin’s to go with it.  And, have our silent auction as well as live auction of items donated by the community.  The Department is extremely grateful to the Combine Community for your continued support for the Volunteer Firefighters that are dedicated to serving the community.  This annual event is the only community-wide event and is always a great time to see friends while supporting the First Responders.  The donations and funds raised by the auction and dinner go directly to purchasing new equipment, maintaining of our trucks, and training for your Firefighters.  A very heartfelt thanks to the Community of Combine for your continued support.

Stay Safe,
The Combine Fire Department Volunteers

This is our 52nd year of serving the community and we continue to make changes and improvements to our service.  We could never have made these changes without the support of both the City and you the citizens of our community.  Our goal is to serve and protect the life and property of the citizens and visitors to the Combine Community.  Through volunteers, the Combine Fire Department provides 911 emergency response to our residents for fire and medical needs on a 24-hour basis.  Additionally, automatic and mutual aid agreements with surrounding communities help to provide an even stronger response to our community when the emergency arises.

This department also provides a number of other services to our residents including our smoke detector program for senior citizens, blood pressure checks at our station, and CPR classes.

We want you to be aware of the following important information and take action:

 * We are 100% in support of the $1 per month membership program being offered by CareFlite EMS.  For more information, call the Combine Water Supply Corporation at (972) 476-9032 or CareFlite at (877) 339-2273. * If you or a loved one take medications on a regular basis, please have a list of those medications prepared now to be given to us when we arrive on a medical emergency at your home.

 * In 2012 our Department had the largest wildland fire in our history.  It covered 250 acres that include ranch land, agriculture land and forest land. We had 19 different agencies participate in mutual aid, including the Texas Forest Service.
 * In accordance with the City of Combine Ordinance 154, Section 3, “All property owners of improved property shall purchase and display in a conspicuous place on said property the number assigned to them.  Numbers shall be at least three inches tall if placed on a mailbox or five inches tall if placed on the building away from the roadway.  Numbers must be clearly visible from the roadway.”  To increase our response time to help you, please make sure that your address complies with this ordinance and is obvious from both directions on your street - we may be coming from the opposite direction than the mail carrier does. If you need help with this, please contact us.
 * Our Annual BBQ Dinner & Auction is held annually in October.
 * Please consider making a 2021 tax-deductible contribution to the department.
 * Please consider joining the department as a member – there are many roles.
 * For Burn Ban and other important information, visit our website at www.combinefire.com.

Stay Safe,

Chief Larry Settles